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New friends to make, new worlds to imagine.


ust like the huckleberry itself, our story is a unique one. Huckleberries are not cultivated commercially, so you have to find them in the wild and well, that is

is how it has been for some readers to find that unique and compelling story or character – like looking for a huckleberry in a haystack! 

Fascinating children stories with characters of virtue and authenticity is what Huckleberry Sweet Pie Publishing (HSPP) brings to its cherished readers.

Just as there is nothing else that taste like a huckleberry, HSPP commits to always looking to cultivate and to bring to its reading community new, warm and compelling young characters and stories that will move children’s hearts and bring a fresh and novel perspective to their global outlook.

HSPP publishes books that draw from its authors unique viewpoints, incorporating their true-life experiences and imaginations.







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A Little Love from our Readers

"I wanted to personally congratulate you on creating Sela Blue and her wonderful adventures from Québec!

It was a delight for me to read her journey to my three kids. I salute and share your vision of compassion, justice, and equality! May more life stories await Sela Blue...and all of Canada's children. With love and admiration."

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister's Wife

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