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Schools and Libraries

Not only do Sela Blue imaginative stories make reading and learning fun, they also spark lively discussions about subjects as colourful as kindness, adventure, family and friends and community.


Meet Sela Blue and Her Family and the woman who created her.  Experience the everyday life of the Blue Family as seen through the eyes of the spirited and adventurous six-year-old girl, Sela Blue and her creator, Alisia Dale.

How to Arrange for an Author Appearance


Thank you for your interest in HSP’s Authors.

To request an Author/Illustrator appearance, please complete the form.

How to Plan an Author Appearance

Check out this resource for detailed planning ideas.


Request an Author Appearance

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What Happens Next?


When your appearance request has been reviewed we will contact you to discuss the author/illustrator availability, needs and any expenses, which may include an honorarium and travel. Your request will be forwarded to the author/illustrator for consideration. In some cases, the author/illustrator will contact you directly to follow-up.


If the author/illustrator declines your request:

You will be notified either by the author/illustrator, or the publisher, at which time other options can be explored.

If the author/illustrator accepts your request and the request is being handled through the publisher:

The publisher will send to both you and the author/illustrator a written confirmation letter. This will include contact information for both you and the author/illustrator, the date and general format of the appearance, type of audience and honorarium. In addition to the letter, you will receive book ordering information and a sampling of any available promotional materials we have for that author/illustrator.


Note: Once the appearance is arranged, you will be in direct contact with the author/illustrator to coordinate travel/hotel arrangements and any equipment necessary for his or her presentation. Please use the contact information on the confirmation letter to finalize all such arrangements with the author/illustrator soon after you receive it.

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